Wines and Tapas Parties started on Aug 2007 in Geneva, as a small after-work drinks idea, gathering 15-20 people every other week in a different wine bar. Photos from the first ever party below hopefully shows why it became a big success later…

As the word started to spread, every gathering became bigger and bigger. Much sooner than expected, we had to reserve a bar (and a huge terrace!) all for ourselves to fit in.

Since everybody seemed to get along pretty well, soon we started organizing other things like ski trips, dance courses and photography workshops. All of them were huge success.

Of course every once in a while, there were big theme parties (The Godfather, school party, Office Hoes and CEO’s, Love Boat, etc) which were remembered even long after:)

Now the W&T parties have become an everyday growing community in Geneva, connecting the English speaking young crowd. Hope to see you in a future party!

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